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Hand made from harmonious frequency infused pure silver, each one is uniquely one of a kind hand crafted.
The solid silver holistic pyramids shown here are the First and Second Edition featuring our 'Dimple' Pyramid & 'Radiance' Pyramid
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  This individually hand crafted solid sterling silver pyramid is designed as not only a very unique ornament in addition to a great investment but infused to enhance silvers natural energy.

This very special and unique holistic enhancement to our silver pyramid is by mechanically infusing each pyramid with added benefits. (See 2. Below)
And, its not just any ordinary silver we use to make it.

  • 1. Firstly, each one is hand made from smelting down solid sterling silver antique items which have chips or dents, some from the 1800's. We smelt this three times to remove the normal impurities that even the finest quality sterling 925 silver of that age had.
    So each individual pyramid we make has generations of different British history wrapped inside its now concentrated sterling silver.
    We then pour the final pure molten silver into a used once natural clay pyramid shaped mould.

  • 2. Secondly while its still molten in the mould we infuse a 417Hz frequency for an exact time which permeates the entire pyramid. This frequency harmonizes with the silvers natural tetrahedral molecular structure enhancing the silvers natural and well known energy and protection properties, adding extra energy to combat negativity by removing our toxic thinking patterns and harmful habits.
    When the outside of the pyramid starts to solidify and while the core is still molten, we infuse a second 528Hz frequency into the still molten core until it sets.
    This frequency is often referred to as the 'love frequency' and is said to be central to creation and thought to restore inner equilibrium, increase awareness and to stimulate. The combination of these wonderful well being benefits, creates a beautiful solid silver artifact asset to bring great well being to its owner.

  • 3. Lastly when the silver is completely set and cold, we hand craft it through stages of filing and grades of emery sanding, with a final hand polishing process which all takes many hours. The result is a unique hand made one of a kind beautiful sterling silver Pyramid that's not only a valuable investment and unique object but designed and holistic infused to bring great benefits to its owner. Making it a very special gift indeed.

    Each Pyramid is unique and no two weigh or are exactly the same.
    The Silver Pyramids shown here here weigh:-
    309 grams (10.9 ounces) - 'Dimple Pyramid'
    315 grams (11.1 ounces) - 'Radiance Pyramid'
    Overall dimensions of both Pyramids are symmetrically approx 4.3cm base by 4.3 high. Both are stamped 925 silver and edition mark.

Our unique hand made solid pure silver Pyramid makes a individually unique exclusive gift and a valuable precious metal investment.

We also make bespoke holistic silver Pyramids to individual customer needs by infusing different frequencies to produce particular beneficial effects for your personal needs. Presently available are Tranquility, Energy, Success, Love and Protection. In 'dimple' or 'radiance' finish. Any pyramid can also have precious gems embedded. Just message us with your enquiry.
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